The following testimonials have been provided by Schools, Private Clients, OSCH (Out of School Hours Activities) and former tennis colleagues and associates.

"Justin Tredwell and his team of tennis coaches at Just N2 Tennis have coached a number of both male and female, Middle School and Senior College tennis teams at Scotch College. Justin was in charge of our Drive Tennis Team, providing dynamic drill specific training, accompanies by match practice. His team of coaches have been terrific in delivering the type of tennis coaching that Scotch College is looking for. Their work ethic is fantastic and their enthusiasm is appreciated."

- Sam Peacock
Director of Sport and Activities
Scotch College, South Australia

"Australind is a small country town 2 hours south of Perth WA. We have 8 synthetic courts, and I was president of the club. Justin came with great ideas and increased junior membership in our club by about 50%.

Justin, the ladies captain and I set up the 1st Special Needs program to be run in the South West a huge success. It is still running with full sponsorship to this day. Justin took tennis out to all the schools in the area and his enthusiasm for the game of tennis has rubbed off on many. Any club would benefit from having Justin as their coach."

- Barbara Davis
Australind Tennis Club

"When Bobby was about six, he started learning tennis from Justin. Like lots of other children, he did PeeWee, hotshots first, and then started Saturday competition as boys division 11 greenball for Dover Square tennis club when he was seven. Justin was the head coach at the time. With Justin's help, Bobby has made solid progress and moved up to boys division 4. 

In 2013 after two series of challenges he was chosen as one of the eight 8/U children to play in front of big crowd at Memorial Drive Tennis Centre before the pros. In Jan 2015 he and three other boys represented Glenelg District Tennis Association and won 10/U inter-association tournament. After competing with some of the best 10/U players in SA, Bobby was also chosen as one of the sixteen boys to participate in the super 10 sessions in May 2015. After four weekends of intense matches, he and his team did extremely well and they won the super 10 final!  He was really proud of that!  

Bobby has also played some 10/U tournaments since 2013 and has won a few doubles titles together with his partner Hamish.  Bobby is really grateful to have Justin as his coach. What he enjoys the most is twice a week squad, which is absolutely action-packed and full of fun!"

- Lenna He
Parent of a JustN2Tennis student

"In 2005 I was responsible for delivering regional squads for elite juniors in the South West Region of Australia. At the time I required a coach to work alongside me with the necessary experience to deliver quality sessions.

The Children responded extremely well to Justin's squad sessions and were quickly developing their skills in preparation for the Zone WA Country Challenge. The team won several of the age groups and some of the children progressed on to represent the State Team in the national champs in Sydney.

Justin has a great work ethic prepares his programmes well and I am confident in his ability to get results with all levels of players both junior and senior."

- Ben Reynoulds
Tennis Coaches Australia (WA) Coach Education Coordinator