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justin tredwell

Justin Tredwell
Director of Coaching

Justin Tredwell has been providing high level coaching to various standards of players during his coaching career. Professional qualifications include Tennis Australia Club Professional, The United States Professional Tennis Registry, Tennis Coaches Australia and the Lawn Tennis Association (Level 2).

Since 2006 Justin  has achieved great success at Dover Square Tennis Club in one of South Australia most competitive leagues. Most notable accomplishment has been to attract many junior members taking the Club from only a few teams in 2006 peaking at 23 by 2010. The Club became the largest and most successful in the district. Further to this from a senior perspective the Club was able to achieve 3 senior division 1 premierships and also take on some of Adelaide's traditionally stronger clubs and even win on occasion at State League level.  

Just N2 Tennis is taking on a new challenge at Southbank Tennis Club with a focus on all levels including children with both club and tournament ambitions with several juniors currently amongst the top in the State with ambitions of a possible career in tennis which would be the ultimate goal to produce a champion!

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Ronald Kamanya
Head Assistant Coach

Ronald is currently our head coach. He studies at Seaview High School and is also part of the programme his natural talent for coaching has allowed us to use him from peeWee coaching right up to our elite junior squads. He is a fast learner with a gift for teaching. He will soon be taking part in some of Tennis SA programmes to gain more experience. Ronald is about to enroll on Tennis Australia Level 1 course and we hope like Adele we will have him with us for a few more years yet.


Adele Rees
Assistant Coach

Adele has been a fantastic coach for us for the last 2 seasons. She has a passion for tennis plays division 1 and the Kids love her. She is currently studying for a Sports and Leisure management diploma and helps us at Scotch College. Adele has also helped out and is experienced with Hot Shots and peeWee coaching we hope she stays for a few more years.

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